Birding Cerro Paquisis, Natural Reserve Rey Tepepul

Home of the horned Guan the top target birds in the list of the twenty bird you most have to see around the world, located behind the volcano san pedro, south of lake atitlan, these is an early birding and will be steep hill it takes 3hours hike up and 2 hours hike down, The hike up is 2.50miles  and the altitud is 1800feet the type of forest here is mountain forest and cloud forest on top, the horned guan lives in the conopy trees, the others special birds in these spot is the Black throated jay, Garnet throated humminbird, amethyst hummingbird, bluye and white mockingbird, buffy crowned wood partridge, singing quail, mottled owl, great horned owl, whiskered screech owl, some of these owls are more easy to heard and difficult to see.



Birding Cerro Paquisis, Natural Reserve Rey Tepepul

Tour Leaves at 3am from Santiago or San pedro la laguna Guidepick you up at your hotel

Returntime at hotel 3pm.

Overnight  at the other side of the lake

What to bring:  long dress, hat, water, mosquito repelent, Water, snacks.

Whats included. Box breakfast, Guide, boat collective, entrances fees, transportation, gear, bird checklist. Hike is Difficult

Not Included: Lunch.

Price 150usd one person,  two person 200usd,  additional person 75usd,  Special price for group


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