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A subtropical humid forest located south of Volcano Atitlan, we will take the boat across to Santiago, then the car, great views to the lake ant volcanoes and the pacific slope, is a municipal park and local people grow, Maxan (banana leaves) finding the quetzal

Quetzal resplendent in Mirador Rey Tepepul

the trail will take us to the Quetzal National Bird hotspot, after looking for him we might see it.

Reserva Natural Rey Tepepul

also we will see other birds like the EmmeraldToucanet, the Brown backed solitaire, Band tail pigeon, the shy Blue throated Motmot, Crested Guan, Chestnut sided shrike vireo, Gray silky fly catcher, Hooded grosbeak, Azure Rumped Tanager, Quetzal bird, and many migratory birds like Warblers and Oriols.

Quetzal resplendent

Quetzal resplendent  With a 80 por cent chance to see it, the second good bird here is the Azure rumped Tanager, these site is across the lake atitlan in a village call santiago atitlan

Is a subtropical forest and is down hill for 2 hours and up hill for 2 hours the short trail but the long Chumil Trail is for good fisical condition 6hours total 3 down hill and 3 up hill to come back in both trail is possible to see quezal in these second might be possible to see the Ornate hawk eagle and not the azure rumped tanager.

these spot is a natural reserve located in the hill side of the volcano atitlan is a full day trip.

Tour Leaves at 6am
 Guidepick you up at your hotel

Returntime at hotel 3pm.

What to bring:  long dress, hat, water.

Whats included. Box breakfast, Guide, boat collective, entrances fees, transportation, gear, bird checklist.

Not Included: Lunch.


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